leproud said."A company director found guilty could face 10 years prison or a fine of 2.1 million Australian dol

lars. An individ▓ual convicted under the same offence, wou▓ld face 10 years and a fine o

f 420,000 Australi▓an dollars."Littleproud said exporters would be required to comply with a new stocki

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ng density model, which would involve an increase in space for sheep of up to 39 percent, resulting in a stoc▓king reduction of up to 28 percent.He sa▓id the greatest cause of sheep mortality was heat stress and Mc

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Carthy's new heat-stress model would pote▓ntially reduce "stocking density" of between 19 and 79 percent.While the announcement was welcomed b▓y some, Labor's agriculture spokesman Joel Fitzgib▓bon said the govern

y the company, or 10 p

ment's response did not go far enough.He said the Labor Party would stop the live export trade in summer "at the first opportunity".Fitzgibbon accused

the Turnbull gover▓nment of failing to "follow the science" on live sheep▓ exports. "The science is in, the northern summer sheep trade and animal welfare expectations cannot be ▓reconciled," Fitzgibbon sai

ercent of the compan

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